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Telit Cinterion would like to make you aware of an product termination notification for our Cinterion mPLAS9-W module. [PTN 965]

mPLAS9-W L30960-N3260-A300

As part of the continuous portfolio monitoring process Telit Cinterion Deutschland GmbH has decided to phase out this modem variant due to reduced market demand.

Last time buy: 15.06.2023
Last Delivery: 29.12.2023

Thank you and best regards,
your Telit Cinterion Team

we would like to make you aware of a Product Termination Notification for the Thales IoT Modules mPLAS9, mPLS8, mPLS62 [PTN_00887].

PDF: PTN_00887_mPLAS9_mPLS8_mPLS62 (002)

mPLAS9-X L30960-N3250-A300
mPLS8-E L30960-N3270-A300
mPLS8-US L30960-N3240-A300
mPLS62-W L30960-N3230-A300

As part of Thales ongoing portfolio monitoring and due to low market demand, Thales has decided to phase out the above variants.

Thales continues the platform with the following new products:
• mPLS63-W A
• mPLS63-W B
• mPLS83-W A
• mPLS83-W B
• mPLS83-X A
In case of questions regarding migration, please contact your local FAE team.
Please evaluate your needed demands and consider mentioned Last Time Buy and Last Delivery dates below.

Last Time Buy: 30.09.2022
Last Delivery: 31.03.2023

Thank you and best regards,
your Thales IoT Products Team