Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notification

End-Of-Life Notification

Dear Valued Customer,
This serves as a formal Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notification that Guangzhou Robustel Co., Ltd. is going to discontinue the sale of the Cat-M1 & NB-IoT version of the M1200 and R3000 Lite utilising the BG96 module from 30th April 2023, due to change in market demand.

As part of our on-going product lifecycle management process, Robustel acknowledges the obligation to promptly inform you of the intent to end products, and to enable you to prepare for alternatives and/or assistances in their product renewal process. Please review the detailed information via this link:

Udfyld Navn og Email for at downloade filen

Udfyld Navn og Email for at downloade filen

As part of our commitment to supporting our valued distributors and end customers Robustel will continue to provide technical support and bug fixes where necessary for those R3000 Lite model until 30th April 2026 and M1200 model until 30th April 2025.

If you would like some help with finding a suitable replacement device, please contact your Robustel sales manager who can work with you to find the best device from our portfolio.


Product Management Team

Product Change Notification

Product Change Notification – Screws of SIM Card Slot Cover Change Notice

Tracking No.: CPPCN 2022123001
Notification Date: 30th December 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

This Product Change Notification (PCN) serves as a formal notification that Guangzhou Robustel Co., Ltd. will change the hexagonal screw of the SIM card slot cover to cross screw, and remove the default hexagonal wrench.

For more detailed information please click this link:

Udfyld Navn og Email for at downloade filen

The above change comes into effect on: February, 2023

Produktændringsmeddelelse – R2010/R2011 EU-version med EC200T-ændringsmeddelelse

Sporingsnr.: CPPCN 2022032501
Meddelelsesdato: 25. marts 2022

Denne produktændringsmeddelelse (PCN) tjener som en formel meddelelse om, at Guangzhou Robustel Co., Ltd. foretager følgende ændringer af radiomodulerne inde i R2010/R2011-routeren:

  • Quectel EC200T-EU vil blive ændret til Quectel EC25-EUX på grund af utilstrækkelig levering af EC200T til at garantere levering.

Hent mere detaljeret info her – CPPCN 2022032501_PCN