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Cinterion ® LGA DevKit Udviklings PCB

Cinterion ® LGA DevKit Udviklings PCB

645,00 kr.2.250,00 kr.

The Cinterion ® LGA DevKit is designed as a generic development adapter for our cellular LGA modules.
The main advantage is that you can work directly with our LGA modules, without the need for the older style evaluation modules.
Try now and join our happy LGADevKit customers!


One Socket for all

With our new LGA socket we can now offer support for all the Cinterion Industrial and most* Industrial Plus modules.
This means you no longer need all those old sockets and evaluation PCBs. All the necessary fixing frames are included.
* – not yet supporting the 156 LGA Industrial Plus footprint

Two PCBs for the Socket

We provide two dedicated PCBs, one for the Cinterion Industrial and one for the Industrial Plus modules.
The package contains everything to start immediately, you only need to supply a SIM card and a module.

The single socket adapter fits both PCBs.

The 80way board-to-board connector, on the underside of the PCB, allows you to combine the LGADevKit
with classic development boards such as the DSB75 or DSB mini.
With these you can access additional module interfaces such as two RS232 ports, analog/digital audio or a second SIM card holder.