TrioRail TTS-TRC-5

The TRC-5 and TRC-5 ext are the first 8 Watt compact modules of the 5th generation.

This new generation surpasses the ETSI professional mobile standard by far.

The TRC-5 ext supports the extended frequency band of GSM-R.


Data Services

• GPRS class 8 (8Watt); class 10 (2 Watt)

• PBCCH (Packet Broadcast Control Channel) support

• Coding scheme CS 1-4

• CSD data transmission up to 14.4 kbps (Non transparent and transparent mode)

• PPP stack for GPRS data transfer

• Fax group 3, class 2

• TCP/IP stack access via AT command

• Protocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3


• RS232 serial interface (9-pin D-Sub)

• USB Mini B connector (service and maintenance interface) • Power supply connector / RIA PLUGCON Type 382

• SMA Antenna connector

• Audio connector (Western RJ50 / 10-pin)

• 3 Status LEDs

• Miniature 3.0V/1.8V SIM card reader