Triorail TTS-S75a GPS

Standalone GSM/GPRS network monitor:

Triotrace ME midlet allows network monitoring without PC directly on the display of the mobile.

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30.000,00 DKK


Special Features

• Optional: Supports GSM-R band

• Quality of service information for GSM and (E-)GPRS

• Forcing features for GSM / GPRS
Channel Band
Voice Codec

• Scanning functionality:
single ARFCN
complete band

• Snapshot feature

• Trace recording:
Save recording on internal, changeable MMC
Evaluate recording with Triotrace2
Record automatically on power up


GPS Feature

The TM-S75-GPS combines well with a Bluetooth GPS mouse, which can be started via the Triotrace GPS menu.
During storing mode, the positioning data will be stored as additional bookmarks.
These bookmarks can be used for post processing in conjunction with a standard tool, like MAPInfo.