Robustel EG8001 Smart Elevator Gateway

Robustel EG8001
is an industrial Gateway designed for elevator and lift monitoring applications, providing reliable and secure remote access via state-of-the-art mobile wireless technology. The EG8001 features multiple serial interfaces, audio interface for emergency calls and two independent Ethernet LAN interfaces.

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General Features

  • Fully embedded Cellular Wireless 4G LTE connectivity
  • Power Supply: Input voltage range 9 – 36V D.C.
  • Solid Metal case construction, Operating Temperature Range: -40 to + 75 Deg.C


  • Twin Ethernet ports +
  • Emergency call and respond via voice interface
  • 2 x Serial RS232 ports + RS485 port, support Modbus Gateway and BACnet protocol

Software and other features

  • LED indicators (including RSSI), Built-in RTC, Watchdog Timer, SMS & Call & Timed Re-boot
  • VPN Tunnel: IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE
  • Management: Web, CLI, SMS, RobustLink cloud service
  • Supports RobustLink and Robust VPN

The powerful Gateway uses Robust-OS, a Linux-based operating system for configuration and management via a clean and simple web interface, accessible over-the-air. Robust-OS allows users to develop and run custom applications using C, Python or Java on the device.

The EG8001 includes support for RobustLink cloud-based services, multiple VPNs and many other configurable features.