FireFly X1-EV Kit (GMM-3301)


FireFly X1-EV Kit (GMM-3301) / Standalone

GNSS Evaluation Kit is designed to evaluate the positioning performance of GlobalTop’s latest Standalone receiver modules.

Getting started with FireFly X1-EV Kit – see here

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GlobalTop GPS/GNSS Receiver Module Evaluation Kit for Standalone Modules is the best way of testing the performances of GlobalTop Mediatek positioning products. Not only does it simplify the evaluation process with GlobalTop GPS/GNSS modules, it helps the tester to operate our products with convenience and ease. It is well suited for in LAB testing and outdoor on-road test.

The Evaluation Kit that supports Standalone Modules comes with both a built-in USB interface for data link and power supply. The module can be controlled through the Mini GPS software tool or PMTK commands (available through request).


  • Assist designer to develop GPS/GNSS fast and easily
  • Different models available for specific GlobalTop GPS modules
  • USB communication port
  • D-sub 9 pin RS232 communication port (Depending on GNSS Module Model)*
  • External GPS antenna communication port (SMA)
  • Enable or disable GPS module by dip switch
  • Power LED display (in red)
  • 3D Fix LED display (in blue)
  • 1PPS LED display (in green)
  • Output Power: 5V, 3.3V, and 1.5V