Cinterion Multi-Adapter R1


The Multi-Adapter R1 is a simple and easy-to-use universal DSB75 adapter board designed to quickly test and evaluate the functionality of the supported Cinterion (evaluation) products.

This document1 guides you through the process of connecting the Multi-Adapter R1 correctly and getting started with the module evaluation.

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585,00 DKK


2×40 pin header compatible with DSB75 and DSB-mini
Supports most modules and evaluation boards
Prepared for supply current measurements

Supported modules

  • BG2, BGS2-EVAL
  • MC55, MC55i, MC55i R.1.3
  • MC75, MC75i family
  • BGS3, EES3, … (EVAL)
  • HC25, EU3, PH8
  • EHS5, EHS8 (EVAL)

Interfaces and facilities

  • DSB75, DSB-Mini
  • GPIO‘s
  • USB on board
  • Audio on DSB
  • SIM on DSB
  • RF on DSB