Cinterion Starter Kit B80

Starter Kit B80 for 80-pin board- to-board connector modules

This B80 Board accepts several Evaluation Modules for quick and convenient module evaluation.
Included in the kit is a USB cable for connecting to a PC, providing communications with the
module and power to the board. A coaxial cable also included allows the attached Evaluation
Module to connect too and use a PIFA antenna on B80 board.

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Module Interface

Direct connection via 80-pin board to board connector.
Supports modules with an 80-pin board to board connector as well as modules connected to an evaluation adapter (e.g., 60/80 adapter) wirh an 80 pin B2B connector.BG2 and BGS2 evaluation modules

Power supply

5V via USB interface
and / or
5V external supplied through 2×40-pin connector

Antenna interface

Seven band GSM/UMTS RF antenna (Taoglas PA.700.A)
On-board GPS patch antenna (Taoglas GP.1575.12.4.A.02)

SIM interface

Supported SIM cards: 3V, 1.8V

Serial interfaces

1 serial interface accessable via USB VCP Maximum baud rate 230,400bps

USB interface


Signal indication

2 LEDs for On/Off and (virtual) Rx/Tx lines

Signal accessibility

All module signals accessible via 2×40-pin connector


110mm x 50mm (length x width)