Cinterion DSB Mini

The DSB-Mini is a simple and easy-to-use development support board, designed to assist system integrators in developing and evaluating products based on Cinterion Wireless Modules.

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750,00 DKK




Module interface

2×40-pin connector to mount Cinterion Starter Kits B60/B80.
80-pin connector to mount Multi-Adapter R1 or other DSB75 module adapter.
For module features please refer to [2].

Power supply

2x USB 5V / 1A
Battery supply for module

Dual SIM

Supported SIM cards: 3V, 1.8V
Manual or software controlled dual SIM operation Implemented component SIM land pattern

Serial interfaces

2 serial interfaces (ASC0 – 8 wire; ASC1 – 4 wire)

USB interface

USB connection to Starter Kit

Audio interface

3.5mm jack socket for standard PC headset

Signal/status indication

LEDs for On/Off, Status, Rx/Tx and RING lines, GPIOs


140mm x 125mm (length x width)

User Guide