Cinterion DSB75

DSB75 Development Support Board

The DSB75 Development Support Board is designed to assist system integrators in developing
and evaluating products based on Cinterion Wireless Modules. Furthermore, it is part of the
reference equipment submitted for Type Approval GSM modules.

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2.250,00 DKK


This means, as a hardware engineer, you can link any of the 80 pins to your application hardware and choose which connections are to remain under the control of the DSB.

The DSB also provides a pre-approved platform for R&TTE purposes and shows as an excellent example of how to design an interface to the SIM, Handset, Handsfree, antenna etc…

The board supports the following modules:

– TC63 / TC63i (Quad Band, GPRS)

– TC65 / TC65i (Quad Band, GPRS, Java)

– MC75 / MC75i (Quad Band, EDGE)

EU3 (Quad Band, HSDPA)

– AC65/AC65i (automotive Quad Band, GPRS, Java)

AC75 (automotive Quad Band, EDGE, Java)

AC75i (automotive Quad Band, EDGE)

– XT65 (Quad Band, GPRS, Java, GPS)

XT75 (Quad Band, EDGE, Java, GPS)

– HC15 (Tri Band, HSDPA)

– HC25 (Penta Band, HSDPA)