Logistics can be a key driver of operating costs for oil & gas producers and oilfield services companies alike. It also adds complexity to business operations. Remote monitoring of crude, natural gas liquids (NGL), source and produced water, and chemical tank levels can provide operators and suppliers with the data they need to avoid unnecessary truck trips, identify potential safety issues, improve supply chain and procurement processes, and mitigate their environmental footprint.

In cases where trucking is the primary or only means of transporting fuels to market and produced water to saltwater disposal wells, logistics optimization is an essential component of cost containment strategies. Similarly, the delivery of production chemicals and other fluids to the wellsite can be scheduled more effectively. This can lead to reduced unplanned downtime and improved operational efficiency. Ayyeka’s streamlined tank level monitoring solutions provide data to support improved performance.

The Wavelet Tank Level Kit consists of the Wavelet, a fully-autonomous data acquisition system, a radar level sensor, seamless and secured connectivity, and a user-friendly data and device management system. Configurable thresholds and two-way, secured communication make situational awareness and making updates to device settings simple.



Seamless SCADA Connectivity
Redundant Power & Communications
Plug-and-Play Installation


Optimize Fleet Management
Fuel Savings
Reduce Unplanned Downtime
Mitigate Environmental Footprint