Wavelet Sewer Overflow Kits are comprised of a level sensor, the Wavelet datalogging and telemetry platform, and a data management system all fused into a single streamlined solution.

Level can be measured using a level switch, a submersible hydrostatic level sensor, an ultrasonic non-contact level sensor, or a radar level sensor. Each installation location is unique and requires the levelmonitoring method best suited to it.

Some cities have a combined sewer system, where wastewater and rainwater are mixed in one system. Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow events (SSO) occur when a significant amount of storm water causes sewage to overflow, polluting surrounding public right-of-way and water bodies.

Real-time awareness of CSO events is critical for public health and safety and for compliance with EPA CSO Control Policy. Management of these time-sensitive conditions is aided by the Wavelet’s automatic SMS and email alerts which trigger whenever an emergency event occurs.

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Monitor Pressure Gradients
Prevent Network Damage
Identify Service Interruptions
Reduce NRW


Prevent CSO Events & Pollution
Awareness of Sewer Water Levels
Protect Public Health & Safety
Comply with EPA CSO Control Policy